Welcome to BASICS: Range & Gun USA!

Our newest location in Lady Lake; 315 S 441.


BASICS: is a gun range designed by shooters for shooters. We are family oriented. We have a faith. We want to help! We will make a difference.

We will offer two completely different ranges; each 25 yards. We will have a bull’s eye range and a tactical range.

The tactical range will allow you to move and shoot, run scenarios and shoot in low light; it is a Law Enforcement Tactical Range…there are few of these in Florida.

The bull’s eye range will be rated for up to a 30-06. The tactical range to a 50 caliber. Each range will have 250 high intensity LED lights (it will be very bright), the tactical side can be dimmable for low light shooting…or create a cave if you are SWAT.

Each range will move 30,000 cubic feet of air a minute…no smoke.

The shooting stalls in each range are bullet proof and both are deep and wide; four feet wide, four feet deep. There will be four stalls that are five feet wide and the stations will be lower to accommodate children with their parents or handicapped.

Each range will use Meggit’s retrieval system. We believe they currently make the best system out there right now. They are programmable, can blade, attack and retreat. The tactical side will add their running man which moves laterally and can be manually moved or programmed to move.

BASICS: is about us…families. The age limit is decided by the parents. I started shooting very young and when kids understand, well, the world just became a safer place. We feel it is the parents decision on when to start teaching their children. After all, who knows their children better, us or them?

We looked for a site for over two years and the stars lined up…we have a great location. Our range is 1/3 mile south of 446 on 441; 315 s 441.

For us, it is very important that we made the cost to shoot family friendly. If you can’t afford to bring your family, if you can’t afford to shoot regularly…what good did we do?

That said, we have extra land to resale to lower our cost, we will build additional rental space and outdoor boat and RV storage to help subsidize the range. We will make the expense to shoot family friendly.

Our range will be second to none…but it will be affordable.

What we will do

-We will offer our tactical range to all LE agencies to use privately at a reduced rate.

-We will allow our local SWAT and OSS to use it for free.

-We will open it up for active LE officers to shoot for free weekly…tactically.

-We will offer discounts to active, retired and disabled LE, Military and Fire.

-We will teach women for free weekly.

-We will teach children for free.

We will offer lots of classes and courses, all taught by the best and all family affordable.

We will be an asset to our community.

If you look at our Website philosophy we define BASICS:. BASICS: is what made our country great. BASICS: is the belief in God, family, community…the importance in that order. Like spokes in a wheel it is strength and help moving ever outward.

We believe gun ownership has nothing to do with fear and everything to do with responsibility.

That said, I will leave you with what Nehemiah told the Jews in the Old Testament. Nehemiah  4:14 “ Do not be afraid of them; remember the Lord who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives and your houses.

BASICS: will soon be coming to Lady Lake.

Our email address is info@basicsrangeandgunusa.com

I can be reached at 904 962 3909.


Franklin Dickinson




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