Basics: in firearm terms can be defined as a foundation, a starting point, the fundamentals; we agree.  Basics: for us though, also reflects our views of what we feel made our country great; GOD, FAMILY, COMMUNITY.  Like spokes on a wheel, it is from these core values and beliefs that a foundation is set in our schools, government, work…in other words, our lives.  We feel these core values are indeed why our country has always been the “Shining Light on the Hill” for other countries to appreciate and emulate.  We feel our country’s continued greatness and future lay upon these principles.  We also feel these values are alive and well and are seen every day in the people we all come into contact with.  Americans continue to be fiercely independent, hard working, industrious and loyal; we are the most giving people on the planet and far and away it is these people who make up the citizenry of the greatest country in the history of the world.  The people who formed our country and made this “greatest nation” are still here!  We believe all that is great starts with the BASICS: God, family, community.

BASICS: Range & Gun’s desire from inception has been that we would be an asset to our community, to our law enforcement, to our neighborhood, and to you.  From the way our range and shop is designed (to be as quiet as possible for the benefit of our direct neighbors), to the way you will be individually treated in our shop, we aspire to help and be a true asset to you.

Our location is central to Lake, Sumpter, Marion Counties and is easily accessible from The Villages, Lady Lake, Ocala, Leesburg, Wildwood, Mount Dora, Tavares, and other area communities. Access and parking are excellent.  Your security and safety are paramount and our parking areas are very well lite. 

Buying a gun, shooting a gun, can be an overwhelming experience to those who have never owned or shot a firearm.  You will be reassured, upon arrival, that you are in a safe place and in good hands.  We feel there are no foolish questions, just poor decisions.

We sell concealed carry and home defense pistols, home defense rifles and shotguns, defense ammunition, range ammunition, holsters, concealed carry purses, knives, flash lights, night sights, extra magazines, cleaning supplies, targets and other accessories you as our member may want us to carry.  We will continue to add other products and training regiments as you dictate; we are here for your benefit.

Our products will be listed for sale under MSRP and will include a one month free range membership with the purchase of any firearm.  We want you to be well trained and proficient with your firearm.   This idea truly hits home when you think about the following: Walk thru your neighborhood grocery store parking lot.  Imagine if you had to draw and use your weapon to save your life.   Think about it.  Your back stop would be people: Grandparents, fathers, mothers, children, babies; if that alone doesn’t give you pause, you may wish to reconsider the decision to carry a firearm.

Please feel free to look over our website.  You will find there is much good information here.  You will find our architectural plans, gun safety rules, membership application, articles pertinent to shooting and concealed carry, videos, and overviews of our training course offerings.

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