Our range has the following:

  • Both a dedicated Bull’s Eye Gun Range and a Tactical Gun Range.
  • The Bull’s Eye Range is rated to shoot up to 30/06.
  • The Tactical Range up to a 50 Caliber.
  • The tactical Range allows practical move and shoot; lateral and down range and well as low light shooting.
  • The Bull’s Eye Range’s target retrieval system meters distance.
  • The Tactical Range meters distance as well as programmable blading, attacking and retreating. Additionally, the tactical man has a running man at the end of the range.
  • Each Range has Ten Lanes that are twenty five yards deep.
  • Each Range has two shooting bays five feet wide and with a lower station for training children and use from a wheel chair. All other shooting stalls are four feet deep. All stalls are bullet proof. Each station has a bright LED light directly overhead.
  • There are fifty light bulbs in each shooting area and another Two hundred lights down each range. All lights are LED and within the Tactical Range can be dimmed.
  • Sounded absorbing wall application to lessen noise and muzzle blast as well as sound absorbing insulation overhead.
  • All shooters may bring their own ammunition and targets.
  • The shooting stalls are 14 feet from the entrance to the range and the shooter area is 616 sq.ft 0n each range.
  • Those reloading may pick up their brass with prior approval.

Anyone is welcome to our indoor gun range.

Anyone is welcome to come and shoot with their own weapon and ammunition for only $18 a hour; parents with children or adults sharing a lane are charged $13 (children) and $15 (adults) per day per person (parents decide the age to start training their children, not us). Retired, disabled or active law enforcement, military and fire department also only pay $13 per day. If you plan to visit frequently, please consider purchasing a membership.

BASiCS: Range & Gun is located in Lady Lake, Florida

Our location is central to

  • Lady Lake
  • The Villages
  • Leesburg
  • Fruitland Park
  • Wildwood
  • Weirsdale
  • Sumterville
  • Okahumpka
  • Tevares
  • Eustis

Our number one goal is to be an asset to our community and its law enforcement. We are here for you.

Access and parking are excellent.

Our parking lot and building lighting are bright. We have plenty of parking close to the range for the convenience our members. We would like your experience to be as comfortable as possible.

Quality gun range and firearm store.

Our range is a 25 yard, 20 lane range that has both a Bull’s Eye and Tactical Range; tactical in that during select times, with proper supervision and approval, you will be able to move and shoot, use cover and fire on multiple targets multiple times.

Well lit for safety.

With 500 lights, the ranges is very well lit.  We have 250 adjustable LED lights on the Tactical Range and at select times, you will be able to practice in low light settings during select times.

Smoke free guaranteed.

Our range is smoke free, we guarantee it. When you pull the trigger, the gun smoke is already moving away from you.

Temperature controlled.

Our HVAC and ventilation system is state of the art to insure our range is comfortable year round. Our range is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Our shooting stalls are four feet deep. There is nothing worse than having your neighbor’s spent brass hit you as you are trying to concentrate. That does not happen at our range.

The shooting stall’s gun shelf is twenty four inches deep and four feet wide to give you plenty of area to lay out your weapons and ammunition. Each stall has a rifle stand.

We have four accessible stalls with shelves thirty two inches from the ground; these stalls are also five feet wide to allow ease of access while in a wheel chair. We encourage all disabled individuals to come and shoot with us and we are here to help you if you need assistance. These four shooting booths are also ideal for member’s children and allow you to stand with your child as he or she shoots. We encourage you to bring and train all children. We feel guns that are a mystery are dangerous to children.

Qualified gun and firearm instructors.

Our highly qualified instructors will teach in depth concealed weapons courses, basic firearm, defensive point shooting and many other advanced courses. Besides being qualified they had to also be kind, patient and VERY knowledgeable. They are here to help and assist you. Our view is there are no poor questions, just poor decisions. They will encourage and instruct you in the use of your firearm. So, if you have any questions, ask; our instructors will help.

We welcome you to our store.

Our desire is that you would feel welcome. That we would leave you with more knowledge and better shooting skills.

We welcome your phone calls and emails and look forward to meeting you.

See you at the range!

Without a membership you can shoot for $18 plus 7% sales tax; your children will shoot for $13 plus sales tax. Adults sharing a lane can also shoot for $15 plus sales tax. You will be able to use our eye and ear protection at no additional cost. Active, disabled, retired military, fire and law enforcement shoot for $13; we are grateful for your service.

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