Welcome to BASICS: Range & Gun USA! Our newest location in Lady Lake; 315 S 441. THIS IS OUR FIRST POST! BASICS: is a gun range designed by shooters for…

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The Thin Blue Line Bumper Sticker

The Thin Blue Line Bumper Stickers. FOR SALE for $3 a piece. 100% of the proceeds will go to C.O.P.S. (see below). The Thin Blue Line Bumper Sticker As most of you know our Law Enforcement is under attack. Sadly, you and I make up our country; we are its back bone...BUT, we live busy productive lives and little is heard from us. The small percentage of anti are LOUD! If our officers are thinking about repercussions (media, vocal anti citizens, etc.), they are less apt to respond as quickly or adequately...this places them in unnecessary risk. WE NEED TO LET THEM KNOW WE ARE OUT THERE AND THAT WE SUPPORT THEM!

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