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You will be surprised by our low prices. It has Everything you may want in firearms or accessories. We have $300 million worth of inventory waiting for you to make your selection and it is always in stock.

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We have a store on-site and carry a wide range of pistols, revolvers, rifles and shot guns. We have defense ammo, range ammo, holsters, purses, belts, sights, knives, flash lights and many other firearm accessories.

We also carry Panther Concealment Custom Kydex Holsters. These are without a doubt some of the best holsters we have ever seen or used. They are built locally by Mr. Jim Kay. They are 100% custom, awesome (made by gun guys for guns guys…and gals) and not expensive (very important to me). His display holsters were built for the Glock 19. All are easy on and off, hold the gun close, adjustable, comfortable and fast!

We carry all other “store” holsters too, but we will key on Panther. Everyone in the shop wears them as do our instructors. We make no more money on these than we do on any other, we just believe in his product.

If you need gunsmith services, those will also be available on-site.

Visit BASICS: Range & Gun:

179 College Drive #5
Orange Park, Florida 32065

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