This course involves role playing and scenarios utilizing airsoft pistols. It is as close as you can get to a lethal threat encounter without being in an actual lethal threat encounter! Statistically, very few confrontations end with the good guy being hurt…you won’t know what’s about to happen; your heart will race, your hands will sweat, adrenalin dumped! It is a must for all those who are going to carry a concealed weapon. It is an eye opening experience and a wake-up regarding the speed of lethal force encounters, start to finish. We can tell you about it but you probably won’t get it until the course is over; if students watching blink, they will miss the whole event. You will discover firsthand what works for you and what doesn’t in regards to your carry gear, personal tactics and skill at arms. You will move and we doubt you will ever see your gun or use two hands.

We will cover basic strategy, and debrief you after each scenario. This is not a physical but mental course. It can be combative, confrontational and potentially aggressive and it is as close as you can get to a real “event” without actually being there. It will change your mindset, situational awareness and you WILL be better prepared…we promise.

Please watch the videos to get a better idea of what to expect.

Course requirements:

  • Must be 21 years of age and hold a Florida CWFL
  • Strong side holster
  • Long sleeve shirt (optional but probably a good idea)
  • Drinks/snacks

BASICS: Range & Gun will supply airsoft pistols, gas, bb’s and masks.

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