These are the Frequently Asked Questions of our customers. If you have a question that is not listed below, please feel free to contact us.

It will allow you to make application. There are several minimum requirements in order to receive your license.

There are too many to list but we will go over the basic types. We will handle many pistols and revolvers. You will leave with a better understanding of the type of pistol or revolver you may want to carry.

You can carry your firearm in a purse designed for carry. They make fanny packs, belly bands and other types of inconspicuous carry apparel and holsters.

The license is good for seven years.

Depending on how you apply, it could take two weeks to two months. We will go over the different ways to apply.

YES, shooting a pistol is a skill reduced over time without practice. You should go to the range as often as you can. Our range allows you to shoot as you carry, move and shoot, multi tap and shoot at multiple targets. We will talk about range membership.

The course may take up to four hours.

Many view themselves as much safer but the most important thing you have is your mind, your ability to watch your surrounds and stay out of danger. Problem is life keeps us busy and we easily stay preoccupied. Fringe areas are the worst; sitting in your open car while doing something you don’t need to do there, talking on your cell as you walk thru the parking lot, fumbling for your keys as you get close to your car, etc. Respond to your internal alarms. Women have the best sixth sense but we live in a politically correct world where we sometimes do it anyway, even as our alarms are blaring, respond to your internal alarms and maintain situational awareness. This will keep you out of most of harm’s way. Your gun is for those other times. You will be reacting to an action and distance is your friend. You always are going to be behind. You must practice! You need to be able to put the bullets where you send them and you need to be able to get to your gun as quickly as possible. We teach defensive point shooting. This is using our God-given ability we all have but there is definite training and you will need to practice in order to create muscle memory. Statistically, the majority of attacks are 10 ft or less and that is a perfect distance for point shooting. A man can travel 20 feet in about one and one half seconds or less! Can you get your gun out that quickly?

Yes, in depth. We will give you summary sheets that will allow you to refresh regularly. There are also several web addresses where you can go and research.

Yes, thirty five states currently recognize our license, BUT, their laws may vary greatly. As law abiding citizens, we WILL be held accountable and we MUST understand both our laws and the laws of other states. 

We will teach no more than twenty people at a time. This is a very hands on course. We will work with training pistols as well as unloaded pistols. During your range time, we want each student to shoot at least twenty-five rounds. We will be practicing loading and unloading, sight acquisition, trigger control and proper grip.

A gun only allows you to go from talk, fists to deadly force. We do not want you to be gun centric. If all you have is a hammer, every problem is a nail. We believe life is not always a nail. Mace or other non lethal weapons or training would also be a good idea.

People go through life, for the most part, oblivious, no one will notice.

Accidentally exposing your gun is not against the law. Further, the statutes have been changed that makes this DEFINITELY not against the law. If someone gets scared after they see you have a gun and calls police, just wait. Be polite; show the concerned person you have a CWFL. When police arrive, keep your hands where they can see them, have your Driver’s License and CWFL out and in your hand. You are a law abiding citizen and statistically, you, we, commit the least crimes of any group the FBI tracks, 2.3 people per 100,000. We follow the law.

That is incorrect. There are over 4,000 justifiable shooting each year. 500,000 times a year guns are shown but not used to stop a home robbery. 2.5 million times a year guns are shown but not used to stop a confrontation. You SHOULD be prepared to fire but you may not have to fire. We are not killers; we want to stop something terrible that is happening, nothing more. If you are forced to display your weapon, once the event is over and you are safe, you will call police. If the bad guys call first, you will be in an uphill battle and everything is now made more unnecessarily difficult.

Yes, we will go over the laws carefully. We will have a question and answer discussion. We will go over different scenarios and we watch actual surveillance videos and watch several force on force videos. There is no formula. If you are forced to shoot someone, you may or may not be arrested. Even if found innocent by a judge or grand jury and it doesn’t go to court, it is going to be very time consuming, stressful and expensive! Better to stay out of harm’s way.

If you have a question that we did not answer above, please feel free to contact us with it and we may add it to our FAQ page.

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