Enhanced Concealed License Course

Course Objectives

Safe firearms handling and firearm training on the range with your firearm, help you understand your rights as defined by Florida Law, your rights defined by reciprocating states, firearm selection, ways to carry your firearm, ammunition selection and proper mindset.

Course Level

Beginner through expert

Course Topics

  • Florida State Statute 790 and 776 (we include 776.03 which is not included in the Florida Concealed Weapons Statute but important as it has to do with dog attacks.
  • Website study of State Reciprocity (traveling with your firearm).
  • Study the mindset of the bad guy.
  • Scenarios and “what ifs”.
  • Gun statistics.
  • Study an actual gun fight.
  • Look at multiple size guns, magazine configuration and trigger controls to help you decide which firearm is best for you.
  • Work with training guns on proper grip, sight picture, loading, unloading and making safe.
  • Study ballistics and how they work in different barrel lengths.
  • Work with unloaded guns on proper handgun sight picture.
  • Work with snap caps (dummy rounds) to learn loading, unloading and making safe.
  • Ways to carry your concealed weapons.
  • Proper drawing of your firearm from a holster.
  • Tactical and Speed reloads.
  • Malfunction clearing and immediate action drills.
  • Shooting from cover.
  • Shooting while moving.
  • Range time in which you will practice loading, unloading and shooting with your firearm.


Students must bring a valid FL ID or Driver’s License, proper range attire (close-toed shoes and high necked shirts), a handgun, a belt holster designed to be worn on the shooters strong side, extra magazines/speedloaders, and 250rds of ammo.

Course Length

12 hours

Cost $150

We supply eye and ear protection.

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