Law Enforcement Officers Practical Shooting

This event/course is for law enforcement officers only and is open to any LEO from any agency or department. This is a FREE service offered to you as our LEO’s. It is your private time to train and the range will be closed to the public during this exercise. The event involves practical shooting only. Practical shooting is dynamic; you will move before you draw; you will move while firing; you will move to cover. You will use front sight shooting and defensive point shooting. You will shoot from the hip, use one hand and two hands. You will practice retained and un- retained reloading on the move. You will practice clearing jams on the move. You may also train practically with duty rifle and shotgun or in low light settings with handgun, shotgun or rifle. We encourage you to also bring your private carry weapon, holster and cover so that you may train from concealment.

Our utmost desire is that our law enforcement officers would prevail; that they would go home at night to their families which love and need them; that we would have the best trained law enforcement in Florida.

Please take advantage of this opportunity.

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